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Just click on your chosen picture to enlarge it, then click on the right hand icon below the picture, This adds it to the light box. All your chosen images will be on show in one place.-->

Just like at a supermarket, you can put things in your shopping basket (by clicking on the 'add to basket' button) without having to buy them - it is just a way of holding onto things that you are interested in. You are not committed to a purchase until you take your selected item(s) through to the checkout. However, you cannot purchase an item until it has been added to your basket, so remember to check the contents of your basket before you make your payment. If you want to remove something from your basket simply click on the word "remove". When you have checked the items in your basket click "checkout" and follow the simple payment instructions. PayPal is the preferred way to pay.

If you do not wish to pay by PayPal you can download our order form fill it in and mail your order along with your cheque. We will have to wait 5 days for cheque clearance before proceeding with your order.

Your contact details, email addresses and telephone numbers are very important to enable us to contact you if we need to confirm orders, discuss any problems, requirements, deliveries etc. Please ensure you give us your full details. Many thanks.

Full payment, including postage is required with all orders please.

Delivery is normally within 10 to 28 days of order, depending on workload.

Deliveries can arrive at anytime between 9am - 5.30pm, so if you are not in during the day it may be easier to arrange the delivery to be made to your work address or arrange for a neighbour to take your parcel in.

We can also deliver overseas. Please contact us for details of our overseas delivery costs

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